Be your best self, bake your best cookie.

Be your best self, bake your best cookie.

Firstly, baking is not required for this edible cookie dough - it’s perfectly acceptable to grab a spoon, scoop it into a bowl and dig in.

But you’re here for a reason, so let’s turn this dough into the best baked cookie you’ve ever made!


  1. Preheat oven to 180°C
  2. Grab an oven tray and line it with baking paper (aluminum foil works too, your cookie dough won't stick)
  3. Scoop chilled dough using an ice cream scoop or tea spoon and roll into balls. We think 30g cookies are great, about the size of a golf ball, but feel free to make your cookies whatever size you want!
  4. Pop them into the oven for 8-10 minutes, and countdown the seconds until they’re done. Remember, baking times will vary.
  5. Let your cookies cool before indulging. BUT if you’re after a doughy cookie, scoop it up while still hot and pop into a bowl (ideally with ice cream) and eat joy! 

     “I always keep cookie dough around for when I want to make a cookie for one...or just make the flat smell good!- Sam T.

    cookies on a baking tray, ready to be baked


    More Baking Tips from the Cookie Crew

    • Bake dough from chilled or frozen, helps the cookie keep its shape! 
    • This recipe doesn’t need anything else added, but feel free to smack some extra goodies on the tops of your cookies to make them look as scrummy as they taste!
    • Keep in mind our Vegan / Gluten-free cookie dough bakes a bit differently. Make sure you keep a close eye on them around the 8 minute mark.

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