9 Ways to enjoy Cookie Dough + Ice Cream

9 Ways to enjoy Cookie Dough + Ice Cream
 It's nearly the weekend!

Time to lay back, relax and enjoy the simple things with your whānau.

And there is no simpler pleasure than combining two of the best treats ever - cookie dough and ice cream!

Let's get in the kitchen with your mates and mix, bake, blend or stir up an amazing treat!

Here are 9 ways you can indulge in a doughy, creamy bowl (or plate) of deliciousness!

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough + Ice Cream

Obviously, it's simply amazing and if you haven't tried it, today is your day. Grab some vanilla ice cream and a tub of cookie dough and mix'em up!

Or if you're feeling really lazy, enjoy some from Ben & Jerry's or NZ's Much Moore Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream.


2. Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Just a Taste skillet cookie

A giant baked cookie, topped with ice cream - that'll make your Saturday night shine. Use our Classic Choc Chip dough or whip some dough up from scratch. Check out this awesome recipe from Just a Taste.


3. Waffled Chocolate Chip Cookies (with Ice Cream)

If you have a waffle maker, dust it off and whip these up! Dollop in some cookie dough and bake until it's at your desired gooiness. Then, while it's still warm, pop your cookie dough waffles into a bowl with a few scoops of ice cream - you'll serving up the ultimate dessert (or best birthday breakfast!).


4. Pop Cookie Dough Ice Cream into a homemade Waffle Cone

Go the extra American mile and make your own waffle cones to house delicious dough, ice cream, or both!


5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pie

If you have a bit of time, this one is a winner! Fantastic option for a birthday cake or party that needs a little something extra. Check out the recipe at Life Love and Sugar.


6. Birthday Cake Skillet Cookie

We love this colourful birthday themed skillet cookie, perfect for any occasion. Birthday Cake Cookie Dough and a bit of vanilla ice cream and you're away! 


7. Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Warning: this video will make your mouth water! Another variation on the cookie skillet; this gooey, gooey creation won't let you down.


8. Cookie Dough Milk Shake

The American fast food chain Sonic has made this mouthwatering "drink" that we've recreated! We'll be posting the recipe next month, so keep an eye out if you need this in your life!


9. Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich

When in doubt, put it into sandwich form!

Bake up some dough, allow it to cool and pop some ice cream in-between cookies. If you need a detailed recipe, the Kiwi Country Girl has a goodie!

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