About Us

It’s a bonding kinda dough.

While it’s true that our cookie dough is ridiculously dough-licious, it’s got more to offer than just taste.

According to a whole bunch of seriously smart cookies (aka scientists), experiences are better when shared.

That’s because we’re social creatures who’re happiest when we’re connecting. And what better way to that, than over these little scoops of joy.

Whether you choose to share straight from the tub (just like ice cream), or whack in the oven, our cookie dough will add a splash of fun to any day.

Enter The Dough Shop

Behind our dough.

Hello, I’m Katie and I’m responsible for this cookie-licious operation.

I wanted to create a business out of the things I believe in - connection, fun and joy.

I guess you could say that I didn’t really choose the dough life, it sorta chose me.

My story goes right back to baking cookies with mum, where I’d pop pieces of dough in my mouth when she wasn’t looking, before sharing our creations with friends and family.

The moments of joy this brought me, have stayed with me ever since. So I thought, why not build a business where I get to inject this same joy into other people’s lives?

Hence Cookie Dough Collective was born.

In fact, I’ve reinvented mum’s original cookie recipe to create the cookie dough we offer today, but with a modern twist.

I hope it brightens your day like it did mine, while bringing you closer to the people you love along the way.

Enjoy x

The values we stand for

It’s easy to think of company values as just words on the wall. But that’s not how we treat them here. We see our values as the key ingredients that make Cookie Dough Collective extra special.

We Are
  • Inclusive

    Our community of devoted dough lovers are welcoming, open minded and non-judgemental.
  • Social

    Connecting with others is one of life’s greatest joys. We nourish social bonds and inspire a sense of community
  • Authentic

    As humans we’re best when we let our true selves shine. We believe in being real, raw, honest and genuine.
  • Boutique

    We make products we’re 100% proud of. We do this by using only high quality ingredients and collaborating with brands who do the same.
  • Joy

    What’s life for if not to be enjoyed? That includes treating yourself in moderation and spreading happiness far and wide.

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From the People — Customer Reviews

“By far the best cookie dough I’ve ever tasted...it never fails to please the household.”

— Yazmin T.

“Cookie dough that is made to be eaten raw? Cookies every month? How is this not already a thing?”

— Iain G.