Cookie Dough Collective is on a mission to spread joy and encourage togetherness with edible, bakable cookie dough!


We believe that life is all about balance - balancing work and play, the kids and you time, a healthy plate and a bowl of dessert. So, when it's time to treat yo self, make sure it's with something worthwhile!


Katie, Owner of Cookie Dough Collective, eating a spoon of edible cookie dough straight from the tub! YUM!

 Hi 👋 I'm Katie, Owner of Cookie Dough Collective.

Born and raised in Canada, the idea behind Cookie Dough Collective is strongly rooted in family tradition. I have incredibly fond memories of time spent in the kitchen, baking with Mum and sneaking cookie dough while she wasn’t looking. 🙈

Today, I've reinvented my Mum's original recipe to encourage Kiwi families to come together and recreate little moments of joy and fun. Allowing a spoonful of cookie dough to transport you to a simpler time.


Here's a photo of my Mum and I, eating fondue during December of '93. She's an incredible lady who deserves a massive shout out - love you Mum!


Lots of love, 

Katie @ Cookie Dough Collectives Signature

Katie @ Cookie Dough Collective