Eat straight from the tub or bake into cookies.

Discover our edible, bakable, shareable cookie dough today.


Ready to bake, nothing to add.

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The best cookie dough I have ever had.

Jessi L.


Super quick service and absolutely delicious cookie dough and cookies.

Leslie M.


So tasty and easy. A great idea for morning teas at work, a cute gift or just to bake and eat yourself!

Lara C.


Absolutely delicious! Their limited edition flavours for the cookie dough are so good!

Elias K.


Simple to make - I love that there is literally no mess or prep.

Sandra H.

Our Mission

Cookie Dough Collective is on a mission to spread joy and encourage togetherness.

We believe that a little bit of what you fancy does you good!

We invite you to be a bit adventurous and indulge in our delicious dough straight from the tub! Or, gather the ones your love for an afternoon creating mess-free, soft and gooey, perfect-every-time cookies to share!