My best 12 tips for self-care

My best 12 tips for self-care

We all know that self-care is really important.

Life can get really busy and it's easy to forget to take care of ourselves. Finding balance can be a challenge.

I'm sitting down writing this at 8:29 pm, and I know that there is still more work that I need to do, but I've improved a lot this past year - and I wanted to share some of them with you.

So, here are a few of my wellness tips, some small changes that continue to help me take better care of myself since I started my business. I hope that this list gives you some inspiration to improve your self-care too.

Enjoy xx


1. Regular exercise through accountability. 

Top of the wellness list every time, exercise. But that is sometimes easier said than done. 

One way to make it easier is to find something or someone to keep you accountable.

What holds me to account? Spending my hard-earned cash. I go to gym class because I don't like wasting money on my boujie F45 membership. 

Could be a financial commitment, a workout buddy, a pooch to walk - find what keeps you accountable!


2. Drink more water.

Try to start your day with a big glass of cold water - a great way to wake yourself up!

Then keep a water bottle on your desk or wherever you work.

Regular bathroom breaks throughout the day double as screen breaks - bonus!


3. Practice gratitude.

This helps put things in perspective and creates a huge positive impact on your day.

It’s easy to forget that running water, a warm bed and the ability to hug your friends is a luxury not everyone has. 

Whether it’s a gratitude journal or a simple list of 3 things that you say aloud to a friend, a partner, or just to yourself. This can help you to acknowledge the amazing things you have, and those that people often take for granted. 


4. Go to bed early, wake up early.

When I launched Cookie Dough Collective, I would walk up at the crack of dawn to do whatever I needed to and then head off to my full-time role for the day.

I wouldn’t recommend that - but getting up a bit earlier when the house is still quiet and using that time for yourself; reading, or sitting with a coffee before kicking off the day, allows you time to relax and turn your focus inwards.


5. Wash your hands more.

A habit of the pandemic, yes, but washing your hands more often isn’t a bad thing. It keeps germs at bay and keeps us healthier. 

Did you know there are more germs on your phone than on the average toilet seat? Gross - go wash your hands!


6. Try something new that you’re not good at.

Last year I tried singing lessons - it was terrifying for me.

But trying new activities, especially ones we struggle with, help self-growth and resilience.

If you need some encouragement, read Brave, Not Perfect. This book looks at perfection particularly in young girls and women, and how fear and failure limits success.

So go do something scary, new or challenging, your future self will be stronger for it.


7. Eat intuitively, not mindlessly.

Don’t limit eating based on diet. Stop and try to consciously consider if you’re really hungry or just bored before you munch on those crisps. 

Some days are harder than others, which brings me to the next tip. 


 8. Be kind to yourself.

Auntie Cindy reminds us a lot to be kind to others and to be kind to yourself. 

If you find yourself in a negative self-talk spiral, ask: "Would I say these things to my best friend?" If the answer is no (which it generally is), check yourself, and stop being such an asshole. You are awesome.


9. Bake your worries away.

A bit of baking warms the heart.

Next time you're feeling flat, bake some cookies, eat a couple, and then give the rest to a neighbour. It's a miracle cure.


 10. Practice mindfulness daily.

When I realised that meditation/mindfulness is literally just becoming aware of your surroundings, it was a game-changer.

(Not sure what I thought it was before, something really, really deep.)

You don’t need fancy apps or zen spaces, practice at your desk, in your car (while parked of course), or while you’re hanging the washing. 

Start with a minute and increase as you like. Your mind is a muscle - you wouldn’t expect to sprint 10km on your first run - so be patient and practice daily. 


11. Limit social media.

Go watch the Social Dilemma on Netflix - this awesome documentary should help you detach yourself from social media.

And there are great apps and tactics you can use to limit time on social platforms - so you have more time to actually be social!


12. Read before bed.

A great way to wind down, relax and get better sleep (I usually fall asleep within 15 minutes of opening my book!).

It's also an excuse to ditch the screen before bed - swap out your phone for a great book.


Would love to hear your best tips for self-care, leave in the comments below. And if you take any of these onboard, please share your experience!

Remember to take care of yourself and eat joy!

xx Katie

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