A Greener Look

A Greener Look
What is greenwashing? It's the perception of being environmentally friendly, when it's not really...
And we're embarrassed but we fell for it.
When we launched in 2019, we wanted packaging that was kind to mother nature.
So, we choose a brown cardboard tub. Everyone loved it. It was compostable AND it looked great! YAY! 
Brown tub with oreo cookie dough
So why change?
We explored alternatives after realizing the brown tubs were not durable enough. They got beat-up in transit, showed blotching, and didn't keep our cookie dough at its freshest.
But in the process, we realized something else.
The environment, why we choose the tub in the first place, was actually the reason we needed to change it!
The brown tubs, made from cardboard and lined with PLA (aka plastic), were not what they seemed.
Yes, compostable, but not at home. Only at a composting facility. And we don't have that in New Zealand.
So, tubs end up in the landfill. They seemed green but they weren't.
We knew we needed to make a change.
We wanted a safe, durable, and environmentally friendly tub.
Working with a packaging consultant, we assessed the options to figure out the best option with the lightest footprint.
It may seem counterintuitive, but plastic was the clear winner.
Our new #5 plastic tubs are recycled locally - we have a fancy new facility in NZ that opened last year!
And because we can recycle this waste, it's actually way better for the environment.
Plus, these tubs are durable enough to reuse - and you bet we'll be sharing lots of fun repurpose ideas with you.
Cookie dough collective new look
We're so excited to be launching our new tubs next week!
I hope you love our new look - even if you loved the old one :D
Reach out to katie@cookiedoughcollective.co.nz with any questions or just anything. 
xx Katie

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