9 Tips for the Non Bakers

9 Tips for the Non Bakers

Baking is a science, but it’s not rocket science. 

Most baking disasters are due to shortcuts - first rule of baking, take your time, enjoy and have fun!


1. Read the Recipe
Yes, it's obvious, but most people don't read a recipe through before starting. After you've read it, read it through again and...
   👉check you have all ingredients
   👉all equipment needed
   👉and enough time to complete it.
Before starting, get all equipment and ingredients out on the countertop and get ready to nail this dessert!
2. Mixing Times make a difference
Patience is key - mix for the suggested time AND remember over-mixing is possible. Directions like mix until combined, requires mixing only until combined! ✌
And, if you're like me: cream, beat, blend, fold in - it all just meant mix. Check out this list from the BBC of common baking terms and definitions.
3. Use Soft Butter 🧈
Cold butter will struggle to cream, fluff, and lighten in the same way warmer butter does. If you forgot to take your butter out, soften slowly in the microwave until warm to the touch.

4. Unsalted Butter is best
Different brands of salted butter contain different amounts of salt, so you risk over-salting your baking. The safe bet if you haven't made the recipe before, is to opt for unsalted butter.
5. Chill your dough
Pop your dough cookie in the fridge (1-2 hours) or freezer (30 minutes), chuck on Netflix, and grab a glass of wine while you wait - ah yes please!

When you bake your cookies cold, they hold their shape and spread slower. Cold dough is also easier to handle and roll.

6. Use Baking Paper
It'll keep things neat and tidy. Aluminum foil also works - your cookies won't stick!

7. Add something on the top 💥
Before popping your creation in the oven, cookies or otherwise, spend a few minutes making it beautiful.

Roll your cookie into a nice well-formed golf ball size ball, and add a little bit of your main ingredient on top of each cookie - chocolate chips, walnuts, oreo cookie chunks. Honestly, this small effort will drastically improve the look and taste of your cookies.
Oreo Crumble, Nothing on the TopOreo Crumble Cookie 

Both cookies are Cookies & Cream, one clearly stands out. 

8. Invest in a Digital Scale

If you're planning on baking regularly, having a digital scale ($12 from Kmart) makes it SO much easier! A digital scale will make your baking more accurate and therefore improve it.

Also, converting from volume into weight? Not all ingredients weigh the same (eg. butter is heavier than flour), so use a conversion chart like this one.
9. And lastly, actually follow the directions
Duh, but directions like mixing wet and dry ingredients separately before mixing together can easily get skipped. The order and method set out is important.
Learning how to bake isn't easy, but anyone can do it! Like everything, it just takes practice, patience, and persistence. 

Bake away, and keep sharing that cookie dough joy ❤

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