Cookie Dough Pops

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Grab these treaties for a night in, to liven up your birthday spread, or bring them to the party for an instant favorite everyone will love.

Our Cookie Dough Pops are Oreo dough coated in your choice of Whittaker's Chocolate and sprinkled with 100s&1000s.

Need your Cookie Dough Pops to match your party theme? Absolutely, let us customize!

 - Dyed Chocolate (White chocolate only, most colours available) +$1/pop
 - Premium Sprinkles +$1/pop
 - Custom Cookie Dough Inside +$1/pop

Our Cookie Dough Pops are avavible for pick-up only from Eden Terrace (Thurs - Sat). 48 hours notice required. Includes 8 Cookie Dough Pops.